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About Us

We're just a couple of laid-back dudes from Houston, Texas who like to fish, travel, drink beer, and wear t-shirts. Usually in that order. Austin prefers cowboy boots and flip flops, Scott likes to rock boat shoes and loafers. To each their own, right?


We're a family run, veteran-owned company that takes great pride in delivering you authentic fishing shirts you can't buy in any store. We search the world for the top charter boats, marinas and fishing lodges on the planet and seek out the best and most interesting personalities and businesses in saltwater fishing.

We started the Red Tuna Shirt Club back in 2011 and we've had so many customers and fans ask us to open up an online shop to sell all the different shirts we've introduced over the years in the club, that we finally decided to do just that - thus the Red Tuna Shirt Company was born. 

You can see from the real reviews below, we care about our products and our customers! 

You’re not going to find any no-name lodges or second-rate captains here. These folks not only catch fish, but they also have some great stories to tell. We don’t care if they are the biggest operation in town with the nicest boats. We only care that they are booked up for years because of their reputations and not just because of a slick brochure. Awesome shirts from real charters!

If you're a fishing captain who would like to be featured in our club, or if you'd like to nominate a fishing charter, reach out to us. If you have any other questions or comments regarding the Red Tuna Shirt Company, drop us a line at support@redtunashirts.com or give us a buzz at 888-411-1704.